“I enjoy the opportunities and support for continuous learning at Sunovion.”

Research and Development

Larry Hardy

Director in Pharmacology, Discovery Sciences

Sunovion Career Milestones

  • Founder and biology leader of Early Discovery team
  • Promoted from Associate Director to Director
  • Lead Pharmacologist on a clinical development team through completion of a Phase 3 clinical trial

What is your interest in your area of research?

  • Identification or invention of new preclinical assay methods to measure the in vivo effects of small molecules on brain neurosecretory function
  • Understanding the comparative neuroanatomy and neurocircuitry of the brains of humans and experimental animal species and
  • Working with medicinal chemistry colleagues to utilize those methods and understanding to discover and develop novel small-molecule drugs to treat neuropsychiatric diseases that are not sufficiently treated by the drugs available at present

What are you currently researching?

  • Currently, my project focus is to test a novel compound for its potential as a new treatment
  • My technical focus is to improve the accuracy and analysis of data from pre-clinical experiments using radioactive 2-deoxyglucose uptake assays

What breakthroughs are you hoping to see in your specialty area?

I hope to witness the availability of higher throughput methods, using quantitative brain imaging measurements of the effects of behavioral challenges, stress or drug treatments. This would enable more breakthrough innovations in neuropsychiatric drug discovery.

Describe your career at Sunovion

One element that I enjoy at Sunovion involves the opportunities and support for continuous learning, from my wonderful internal colleagues, from training courses, from experts and key opinion leaders invited to visit Sunovion, and through participation in external scientific society meetings. Such learning extends beyond the scientific realm to include cultural interactions, emotional intelligence, regulatory requirements and other business skills.

Interaction with and learning from Discovery Sciences colleagues whom I see daily or weekly is great, but I also enjoy meeting new people from other parts of the company. A nice and very beneficial feature of Sunovion is that, although we are a fully integrated pharma, Sunovion is small enough that I can interact with people who work in all aspects of the business, from CPS to HEOR and everything in between.

Last but certainly not least, I derive personal satisfaction and am very proud of the evident positive impact which Sunovion products have in the lives of patients with significant health needs.