“I’ve had many opportunities to advance and further develop my career.”

Governance & Administration

Karen Wigetman

Senior Manager, Financial Planning & Strategic Analysis

Sunovion Career Milestones

  • Promoted to Senior Manager
  • Participated in business development activities, such as deal modelling and operationalizing
  • Played an integral role in the development of the Financial Dashboard

Describe your role at Sunovion

  • Responsible for managing the coordination and delivery of monthly and quarterly deliverables to our parent company and executive management, as well as managing the analytics and presentation of the consolidated corporate P&L
  • Serve as finance liaison and business advisor for our subsidiaries, which involves coordination of short and long-term planning, understanding key strategic decisions and business drivers, and general support
  • Actively involved in scenario modelling, asset valuations, and business development activities

How do you think Sunovion is helping patients?

Sunovion is committed to improving the lives of patients, ensuring they are the primary focus of the organization’s mission and vision. Delivering impactful therapies, involvement in outreach programs, and providing patient-assistance programs are just some examples of how Sunovion is helping patients.

What do you like best about working at Sunovion?

It is great to work for a company where you can see how your day-to-day responsibilities have a real impact on others. I also think Sunovion has an outstanding network of people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets, which helps foster a collaborative culture.

Describe your career at Sunovion

Throughout my time at Sunovion, I have enjoyed collaborating across various functions and levels, and am fortunate to have the opportunity to interface directly with senior leaders in the organization. I began at Sunovion as a financial analyst, focusing on monthly close deliverables and collaborating with business partners across commercial and G&A. I am now a Senior Manager of strategic planning, where the focus of my role is around the consolidated corporate P&L and presenting key messages to executive leadership and our parent company. I love my job because it provides a unique opportunity to view the organization holistically and understand the impact of Sunovion’s strategic direction.